Cell Phone Holder Kit with USB Charger

$ 60

Adjustable Cell Phone Holder/Mount Kit- Phone Holder, Charger With USB port and Cable for SUPERFLY Electric Bike or ANY Scooter / Bike / Motorcycle with Screw on mirror.

  • Including Iphone USB cable / Android USB cable + Rubber to wrap around phone for a tighter grip
  • Adjustable phone mount and charger for Electric Bike Electric Scooter Electric Motorcycle
  • Highest quality, and performance
  • Adjustable grip with 360 degrees rotation - simply adjust and secure your phone to any angle and position that suits your preference
  • FULL PHONE ACCESS - while your device is mounted, Use your mobile screen, buttons and mic jack. No need to take out your smart phone or iPod to use it. Keep your hands on the handlebar

The American Electric sturdy and adjustable phone holder is a practical way of carrying around your phone on any scooter, bike, motorcycle that comes with screw on mirrors. It will ensure your phone is safe and easy to access while riding. It allows you to charge it on the go and connect to the vehicle via the USB port.