48V Lithium-Ion Charger

$ 99 $ 129

Lithium-ion Charger 48V 2a RCA Male Connector for SUPERFLY Electric Bike or any 48v Lithium Battery Electric Bike / Scooter / Motorcycle / Wheelchair

Recommended Lithium ion Battery Capacity: 48V
AC Connector, Trickle Charger- Current Limit: 2.5A

Fits any 48V lithium-ion Battery with a 48V 2a RCA Male Connector for Electric Bikes, Electric Bicycles, Electric Motorcycles, and Electric Wheelchairs.

The American Electric Smart Lithium-ion Charger (48V trickle charger) provides ease of use, efficiency and safety. The Smart Charger has a unique feature where it will automatically shut down once your battery is fully charged, thus preventing it from overheating and damaging the battery. 

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