Rear Disc Assembly (Including Pump and Lever)

$ 69

AmericanElectric Rear Disc Assembly (Including Pump and Lever) for SUPERFLY 2015 - 2018 Models AmericanElectric Electric Bike / Electric Scooter

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Disc brakes are more efficient ,than any other brakes. They use fluid to transfer the force from lever to caliper.

A hydraulic system multiplies the effort put in at the lever so the actual braking force is greater than the force applied by you. This is why hydraulic brakes on bikes give such excellent performance for comparatively little effort, you get so much feel at the lever, and can modulate your braking far more effectively. In practice, the lever feels so light that you can basically brake using your little finger, and you have far more control over how much braking force you want to apply.

One other bonus of the hydraulic system is that it’s sealed. That means it should need very little maintenance once setup other than bleeding, which should need to be done infrequently enough.