Electric Vehicles (E-vehicles) are the evolution of transportation and mankind's remedy to the deleterious effects of fossil fuel consumption.  But what exactly is an electric vehicle? E-vehicles come in many forms and sizes but they all share certain commonalities like the use of electric motors and batteries that supply electricity as the only fuel source.

There are three major factors to consider for electric vehicles and that is wattage of the motor, and the voltage and amperage of the battery. The more wattage the stronger the motor, the higher the voltage and amperage the longer the range before needing to recharge.

Electric vehicles come with the major benefit of being both economical (low monthly costs on recharging the batteries) and green, eco-friendly (with zero emissions!)

American Electric offers two types of electric vehicles each with its own set of advantages. Yet who can ride these e-vehicles? Anybody! any age, any health/fitness level, and any economic level with the help of our financing options.

Electric Bicycles are a step above regular bicycles since they are packing electric motors and batteries that assist riders go farther, faster with much less physical exertion and effort. E-Bikes come with all the advantages and familiarity of a regular bicycle such as being able to ride them in bike lanes. Parking them is also the same and we recommend a strong safety lock. Our electric bicycle is called the WYNDFLY and it has many other great features like multiple driving modes! Check it out in our product WYNDFLY product page.

Electric Scooters are the electric vehicle equivalents of gas powered mopeds and motorcycles with similar riding and parking advantages like being able to fit in tight spaces. There is a ton more variety for this type of electric vehicle. Electric motors are far more powerful and have a large range of wattage (typically from 500W to 2000W). The higher the wattage the more power from the motor but also the greater battery consumption and cost, especially since the battery needs higher voltage and amperage to compensate. A fine balance between the motor's power and the battery's capacity leads many consumers to our amazing electric scooter the SUPERFLY. Check out the SUPERFLY's advanced tech package, security features, storage options, driving modes, and more in it's product page.