Enhanced Web Features:

  • Browse and purchase the same way you would on our website now from your phone with all the convenience and freedom that comes with it.
  • Customer service has never been easier since you can directly contact us with your mobile device from the APP. From simple questions to full blown guidance in any matter, we are here to ensure your satisfaction.

Personal Control:

  • Oversee every aspect of your electric scooter from remaining battery life, available traveling distance, usage and location history, general scooter health status.
  • Track your scooter's real time GPS positioning and find new ways to get around in your versatile electric ride.
  • Request servicing yourself or opt out for our in real time diagnostic monitoring and receive servicing recommendations.
  • Theft prevention is easy with alarm/security control from anywhere. Arm/disarm your scooter, lock its wheels and motor, and contact emergency services all from the APP. *Available in Dashee Scooter only.

Fleet Management:

  • Track any electric scooter in your fleet wherever it may be with GPS positioning of all fleet vehicles.
  • Check battery life and range, accidents, status/health, usage, location/travel history, and servicing requirements.
  • Ensure all your scooters stay within the geographical limits you see fit through our APP's geofencing control. Geofencing uses the GPS positining system to define an area where your fleet's scooters can ride within. Anywhere beyond these limits will set off security/alarm protocols and shut off the scooter and alert you immediately.
  • Manage all security settings to ensure you are safe and customer friendly.
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