Delivering goods is central to most business, whether you deliver small packages, food/groceries, valentine's day gifts, or others such small goods one thing remains the same, transportation. Cars and trucks are great for bulk delivery options but in a world of instant gratification many deliveries are for only a few select items that only a couple individuals need right away. Cars and trucks in these scenarios only provide a hassle, a delay, and increased costs.

With our smart electric scooter/bicycle delivery fleet solution your business/company can attain the next competitive edge in the fast paced world of deliveries. Here are some amazing benefits to our delivery fleet program:

  • Transport a surprising amount of small goods with our extra large storage compartment made specifically for delivering goods.
  • Weave through traffic and feel free to use bike lanes to increase delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Customize your fleet and show your company brand all over your locale.
  • Reduce transportation costs by saving on gas and long-term car repairs.
  • Get more (electric scooters/bicycles) for less with your transportation investment budget as compared to automobiles.
  • Improve your businesses image by switching to the next generation of environmentally friendly transportation.


We made a custom fleet of delivery electric scooters to KOKORIKO the largest restaurant chain for chicken in Colombia and South America. We changed the delivery game for them in the tight/congested streets of South America.