All of our electric bicycles and scooters are not only simple and fun to ride but they are easy to maintain as well. Anything from pumping air into the tires, to cleaning and/or removing the body parts, to replacing the mechanical/electrical parts, everything can be done quickly even with no experience.
The SUPERFLY Electric Scooter:
  • Does not require a professional for any servicing needs. With common tools the SUPERFLY can be quickly put back into driving condition.
  • Its Quick release motor technology lets the motor come right off for simplifying tire changes and other needs.
  • Plug and play electronic components allow exchanging old parts for new ones as straightforward as plugging in and out your household electronics.

The WYNDFLY Electric Bicycle:

  • Maintenance is analogous to a regular bicycle in terms of the tires/wheels, bike chain, pedals, and all other mechanical parts.
  • The motor and LED headlights are just plug and play electronic components keeping removing them for whatever reason simple.