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What is SUPERFLY ?

SUPERFLY is not quite a bicycle. It isn't quite a scooter. Nor is it quite a moped or motorcycle.Although technically, it is a moped ("n. – a low-powered, lightweight, motorized bicycle"), SUPERFLY belongs in a new category, a new kind of commuter culture– it represents a transformation in transportation.

For most intents and purposes, you can stop paying for gasoline. Instead, you can recharge SUPERFLY'S battery for less than two dollars per month.

SUPERFLY'S motor is quiet (unlike those in traditional "mopeds"), it's capable of fast speeds (but not too fast), and it requires relatively simple maintenance (no oil changes). The lithium battery pack is quickly removable, so you can charge it at a coffee shop if necessary, for example.

If you'd appreciate a quiet, exhilarating, gas-free, sweat-free, mostly-automatic bike trip to any place within 20~30 miles to a soundtrack of your choice, you might consider riding SUPERFLY.

How do I Ride SUPERFLY ?

Pedal it as you would a regular bicycle, apply the handlebar throttle, or implement some combination of the two, depending upon surrounding traffic. If there are a lot of cars, try placing your feet on the pedals for safety.

What makes SUPERFLY Tick ?

Motor: Electric motors are manufactured in a wide variety of power ratings, or wattages, ranging from 200 watts to a kilowatt or more. Wattage is kind of like horsepower. A higher rating means that the bike will be able to pull more weight with greater ease (at the expense of battery capacity). For example, a 750w motor will drain the battery more quickly than a 250w motor, but it will be more powerful.

The 2017 SUPERFLY features a 600-Watt Rear Wheel hub motor

Battery : Battery types affect the weights, styles, and ranges of electric bikes. Most electric bikes use either sealed lead acid (a.k.a. SLA, industry standard) batteries or lithium (ion/polymer/manganese, etc.) batteries (lighter weight/more expensive).

New for 2017 : SUPERFLY includes a removable, rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. Simply plug into any normal 110v outlet to recharge.

Brakes : Also new for 2017, SUPERFLY features standard hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes are extremely responsive, and performance actually improves in wet conditions.

Pedals : SUPERFLY is equipped with a feature called pedal-assist; when the rider pedals, it triggers a motor sensor, rendering a weightless sensation. This makes riding easier, it helps with obstacles such as hills and headwind, and it provides the flexibility to go farther without getting sweaty. Should you find yourself without battery power (hey, it might happen at least once!), no worries– the geared pedals will still propel your vehicle to an outlet.

Music : Unlike most bicycles (electric included), SUPERFLY includes quality USB/MP3 speakers and an FM radio. The effect on battery life/range is negligible.

Why instead of different manufacturer ?

AmericanElectric® has been at the forefront of personal electric transportation technology for over a decade (since 2006), selling to customers worldwide.

We design and manufacture. With parts from the Americas, and Asia, AmericanElectric® products are assembled in Miami, Florida. These bikes are built with strict adherence to U.S. quality standards.

Our products include a 4-year motor warranty, a 2-year electrical warranty, a 1-year battery warranty, and 90 days for other moving parts.

How will it affect my electric Bill?

It's less than eight cents per full charge.

So, if a Vespa gets 100 miles per gallon at current gas prices (~$3.50/100 miles), SUPERFLY will take you 850 miles for less than $2.50, or approximately 30 cents for every 100 miles.

How do I protect SUPERFLY?

Trust your instincts. Try to park the bike in safe, well-lit locations. Meanwhile, fear not: SUPERFLY has a (loud) alarm system.

For particularly volatile neighborhoods, cable and u-locks can provide additional security. Perhaps consider Kryptonite!

What if there's a mechanical breakdown?

In any vehicle there is always a risk factor. However, we do our very best to minimize technical malfunctions.

If SUPERFLY does have a breakdown, or if you sense that it has become unsafe or inoperable, please call one of our stores.

We highly recommend, you service your SUPERFLY every 6 months, or atleast twice per year.

Do I need a License to Ride a SUPERFLY ?

In most places, a driver's license, registration, and insurance are not required for SUPERFLY, although registration is recommended (as it is with any bicycle).

For your personal health and safety, AmericanElectric® also recommends protective equipment (though helmets are not mandatory in some states) and courteous riding habits.

Federal law in the U.S. generally classifies electric bicycles as regular bicycles, provided [1] the top speed in "electric only" mode is 20 miles per hour, and [2] the motor power does not exceed 750 watts.

Still have questions?

e-mail us: online@american-electric.co

or call us: 305-767-3289