A Fleet is a personalized, customized group of E-Bikes and/or E-Scooters. American Electric provides several options for those interested in a fleet solution. There are numerous applications for our fleet solution system that include:

Government Agencies - From police departments to fire departments and all others where transportation is a must, we offer a powerful fleet of e-bikes that help further our Eco-friendly goals.

Businesses/Corporations - Help your employees get around while saving money. Invest in our affordable fleet solution as compared to corporate cars and their associated high costs.

Delivery Agencies - Assist the environment while delivering your compact goods with our customized delivery E-Scooter fleet that comes with extra storage space. Weave through traffic and efficiently deliver your customers goods.

Tourism Agencies - Excite new and veteran travelers alike with an advanced electric bicycle and/or electric scooter fleet. Let your customers experience the thrill of riding while discovering the world around them.

Colleges/Universities - With our campus friendly fleet system students and faculty can get around swiftly, smoothly, and safely. Stand out from other institutions and show your commitment to better the lives of those in the university and the ecosystem at large.

Private Organizations - Just about anyone can invest in their own personalized scooter/bicycle fleet service.