Government agencies are often leaders and models for their corresponding citizenry. The most effective way to lead is to be an example onto others. We all owe it to our environment to make the shift from clunky inefficient cars that consume expensive, dirty, and limited fossil fuels to more Eco-friendly transportation methods.

Our electric scooter/bicycle fleet solution is the answer to a greener world. Its time to transform all the different departments in municipalities everywhere. Show society that your government is fulfilling its responsibility to the planet.

Each and every department can gain from our customizable electric scooter/bicycle fleet program as follows:

Police Departments:

  • Improve emergency response times with our speedy electric scooters on the roadways.
  • Keep guard in more closed off residential areas (that lack conventional roadway access) with our effective electric bicycles.
  • Our brushless, silent electric motors can provide the stealth needed in more quiet operations, while being more considerate to the populace.
  • Siren lighting system available for alerting the public in case of emergencies.

Parking and transportation Departments:

  • Accelerate traffic/roadway oversight by moving about your city swiftly through tight spaces where no car could travel.
  • Effectively handle all potential parking violations, while reducing cost.

Any Department with inspectors:

  • From environmental enforcement to building and fire safety inspection transportation can now be quick, efficient, cost effective, and environmentally responsible.
  • With tailor-made storage options for any tool your inspectors may need you can't go wrong with our electric scooters/bicycles.