American Electric has partnered up with many other great companies to deliver customers the best products in the electric vehicle market. Our partners include:

SAMSUNG - A world renowned technology and electronics company that provides not only great consumer electronics but individual business solutions. They helped in developing some of our batteries and chargers.

DASHEE - An innovative ride sharing company that has coordinated large projects with business, governments, enterprises, institutions, colleges/universities, and more.

VULOG - A high tech software solutions company with successful projects all over the world including such places as: Canada, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

TAILG - The most massive manufacturing company in Asia with many honors and awards such as: Red Dot award, Red Sail award, and more. They ensure the high performance of their vehicles through extensive quality control.

Other partners include: Polaris, GenZe, FAU (Florida Atlantic University), UM (University of Miami), Porsche Design, M55 Bike, and Dezer Platinum Realty.