Spacious, strong and compact are the qualities of the rear storage that comes with every SUPERFLY. Have things to transport? laptop, books or your lunch for work.. no problem we have you covered.


Lost your SUPERFLY in a big garage, or simply want to alert someone not to get near your Bike. Your Panic Button allows you to do that with one click, simply press it and your SUPERFLY will make a loud beep and create an alert..


Almost every action on your SUPERFLY is at your finger tips. Remote access features 2 Remotes that allow you to easily control, your Radio, Media Player, Keyless Entry, and Alarm System.


Security is #1 when it comes to your personal transportation. We understand how important is to keep your Bike safe at all times. Our technology prevents theft by sending an immediate signal to your motor ,and automatically shutting it off, making it very hard to push and very tough to steal. Additionally its loud sound makes it impossible to avoid.


SUPERFLY is designed for you to always be in control. Its Key-less Entry feature, enables you to Power your Bike On and Off, with only the push of a button, avoiding the need to carry heavy keys, and the worry of loosing them. (Standard Keys also come included.)