What we stand for

GenZe exists because we believe in sustainable transportation for a better world. With growing urban areas, and increased transit needs, our current transportation options are not sustainable. Zero emissions cannot be a choice, but an imperative. Our name (pronounced just like you’d say Gen X or Gen Y) stands for Generation Zero Emissions.

To accomplish our mission, we provide sustainable personal transportation that makes zero compromises, is accessible, and built for the future.



Assembled in Michigan

GenZe was conceived in Silicon Valley, the world’s leading center of innovation. But our manufacturing and assembly is performed in the automotive capital of the world: Motor City, USA. This allows us to offer an innovative and connected product suite that performs and rides like no other.

Our bikes and scooters are assembled and road-tested with care to ensure you receive a transportation solution you can count on for years to come.


Crafted to perfection

Every element of the GenZe e-bike and electric scooter was designed, engineered and manufactured to the most stringent standards. From the way you sit, to the customizable cargo options, GenZe products were built for you.