Tourism is a major source of revenue for many industries and governments (especially for small government like local and state in the U.S.). From businesses in hospitality to municipalities, an increase in tourism leads to improving economic circumstances.

Yet a huge limiting factor for tourists is affordable and efficient transportation methods. Busses and shuttles often have long wait times and only move people to certain select stops. Car related transportation such as taxis can be very expensive for the every day tourist. Give tourist an experience they will never forget by providing an exhilarating and cost effective transit solution with our tourist friendly electric scooter/bicycle fleet program.

The multitude of advantages to our tourism fleet program are:

  • Increased availability (of scooters/bikes) as compared to busses, shuttles, and taxis.
  • No other ride provides the electrifying experience that our safe and easy to control scooters/bicycles can offer.
  • Stand out and be unique amongst the competition.
  • Perfect for anybody regardless of age or health/fitness level. Since our electric bicycles/scooters do not require tags, insurance, or license to ride on.
  • Give tourists the freedom they crave, let them be unbounded without any costly drivers.
  • Make the fleet work for you and profit from this innovative investment.


DASHEE an electric scooter ride sharing company bought a large fleet from us. They are providing tourists and locals alike in the popular Miami Beach area with the time of their lives as they dash around the beautiful Miami streets and explore their hearts desire.