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This battery will fit any 48V 1000W motor (cannot be more than 1000W)

1. Basic Characteristics

  • Charge Temperature: 0~45°C
  • Discharge Temperature: -20~65°C
  • Retention of Charge (store in one month): 95%
  • Size  26x14.5x8cm
  • Package Size: 54.5x22.5x17.5cm
    2. Technical Data
      • Capacity & Voltage : 48V (10AH, 12AH, 15AH)
      • Watt-Hours: 960Wh
      • Battery Resistance: ≤ 100mΩ
      • Way of Charge: CC/CV(Constant Current;Constant Voltage)
      • Standard Charge Current: 3A
      • Maximum Charge Current: 5A
      • Charge Cut-off Voltage: 54.6V
      • With Charger : 54.6V 3A
      • Continuous Discharge Current  (BMS) : 30A
      • Peak Discharge Current: 75
      • Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 39V
      • Cycle Life: ≥800 Cycles with DOD 80%


      3. Safety Test

      Short Circuit Safety Test     Overcharge SafetyTest     Crush Safety Test  Needing Safety Test     Extrusion Safety Test


      4. Delivery time

      We build our lithium batteries fresh after every order, please allow 15 business days for delivery.



      NOTE BEFORE ORDER: Our batteries can fit all motor kits, but exclude these four: Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Panasonic motors. If you can't confirm your motor, please contact us for help.



      -  High-quality electronic core, heat shrinkable casing

      - Battery shrink wrap with waterproof glue.

      - Lighter weight.

      - Note: We will send the battery out according to above regular size  26x14.5x8cm ( may differ from the photo ).


      If you want to customize your own battery, please contact us about the price.

      - Battery Pack Size can be customized

      - Battery Shape can be customized

      - Voltage and Capacity can be customized  

      - Series and Parallels can be customized

      - BMS can be customized

      - Charge and Discharge Connector can be customized

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