Alarm Set (With 2 Remotes)

$ 52 $ 69

AmericanElectric Alarm Set (With 2 remotes) for SUPERFLY Electric Bike Scooter

- SUPERFLY electric bike alarm system designed to keep your bike safe by providing a full range of protection.

- [ 3 IN 1 COMBINATION]: This is a wonderful combination of keyless entry + intelligent remote alarm + motor shutdown feature to protect your bike from theft. All operations are completed by remote control.

- Keyless Entry: This alarm set for SUPERFLY Electric Bike/Scooter provides wireless remote control that is stable and accurate. The term Keyless entry refers to being able to ride/drive on/in a vehicle without the need of a key to start the ignition or electrical powering process. Turning on the SUPERFLY can be done with a key or with a remote (keyless).

- Intelligent Remote Alarm: This alarm system is on par with modern car-level anti-theft systems. The alarm system can sense any unwarranted movement of the bike/scooter and it will have warning beeps, if disturbance of the bike continues it will issue a harsh alarm sound to scare the thieves.

- Motor Shutdown Feature: If potential thieves ignore the warning beeps and harsh alarms the next phase of protection is that the motor will shutdown until it receives a signal from the remote to work again.

*Compatible with all American Electric Scooters 2009 - 2018

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