48V Brushless Controller for SUPERFLY Electric Scooter

$ 29 $ 59

AmericanElectric 48v Brushless Controller for E-bike / E-Scooter / E-Motorcycle

This controller is Suitable for Electric bike & scooter (3 phase 120°brushless motor)
Used in 48V Battery applications.
Stable, High Efficiency, Low Current Consumption, Long Life

Has a fast electric power response, always keeps up with wider pedal action to achieve better torque power.

Has multi-protection functions against problems such as:

- Stall: where the motor stops rotating (when it is not braking and thus inappropriate)

- Over-current: where the current is too high for the circuit and could cause it to be permanently damaged

- Over-temperature: where the temperature is too high and could cause damage

- Under-voltage: where the voltage drops to unacceptably low values that could lead to equipment damage or malfunction.

- Other issues like Speed Driving, Phase Shortage, and Output Short Circuit.

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