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Enjoy your slice of freedom with our versatile Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles. Travel around in ways that no bulky car could ever allow. Find new pathways and shortcuts that will make the world a much smaller place.

Transform the stresses of commuting locally into a relaxing, uplifting, and breathtaking trip. Melt away the mundane and create room for excitement in your daily transportation.

VELLER 2020 smart Electric Bicycle


VELLER 2020 is only days away, and here is your opportunity to pre-order and save BIG, very BIG. VELLER will sell for $1,300.00 once it launches to the public, but if you order in the next days, you will receive $400.00 OFF, and yours for only $899.00 ! OFFER ENDS 11/30/19. No Exceptions. Limited to the first 500 orders only. That's not all if you order before 11/15/19 we will provide you with FREE Shipping anywhere in the United States. Delivery will begin December, 20th 2019, and you are guaranteed to receive it before January, 4th 2020 or your full money back.



Nothing like a quiet , sweat-free ride on an high quality electric bicycle. Wyndfly has re-shaped what an electric bicycle is all about its Fast, Silent , Simple and Affordable. With 350 Watts of power an a 36V Lithium-Ion Battery, all its left us to have fun.


2.0 FUROZ 2020

Experience power and an exquisite modern design in the all new FUROZ. -1500 WATTS, 72V -20AH Battery and over a dozen technical and technology features that will blow your mind. Save the planet and enjoy the best in class.

america's #1


You may ask yourself, why go with our brand ? Besides building the most quality , good looking and affordable electric vehicles, we are extremely proud to offer the best warranty in the entire nation. No-one can compete with our 4 year motor warranty and our 2 year general warranty. We even warranty our battery!. Once you join our family of riders, you will not be disappointed


With over 10 years in the industry ,we know electric 2 wheeler's from A to Z. This allows us to offer our clients the latest technology of Electric Bikes and Scooters.


Miami's cultural sector is full of color and imagination. It is a place where inspiration takes hold and blossoms forth.

Likewise, American Electric is continuously innovating the future of E-Bikes and E-Scooters with every new generation building and growing from its predecessor.

Our 2019 models have all the latest technological advancements, but the upcoming 2020 models are taking it to next level !


Our motors are built to perform, and handle the roads by providing your vehicle silence and smoothness in every turn. Our motors come with a 4 year warranty, as we backup our quality to the very end.



We are proud to be the home of Genze Miami, bringing South Florida the Cadillac of Electric Scooters. Come and test drive the incredible performance of the Genze E-Bikes GenZe's engineers created electric bikes and electric scooters that are recognized among the industry’s top innovations in the world. Not only are they stylish, they are designed for simplicity, safety and security.

What we are about

No matter where you go know that American Electric always has your back. With our top of the line products and services we strive every day to provide customers only the best.

You'll notice that with American Electric the world opens up in a way you never thought possible. Instead of hoping from gas station to gas station any plug in the wall can be your new fuel source. Rather than setting aside a sizeable portion of your valuable income for expensive and harmful fossil fuels, save up and become a part of the next wave of transportation.

Tired of the same old boring commute? Bring excitement into your life with most efficient and entertaining way to get yourself around town.

With our ever expanding catalog of new products and our extensive list of customization options the possibilities are limitless.

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