Get your employees moving with our tailor made fleet programs just for your organization. Show the world your company's progressive attitude with an electric scooter and/or bicycle fleet that will make your employees look forward to their next work day. Aside from how enjoyable and easy it is to ride our electric scooters/bicycles, they are practical and efficient transportation solutions. Your ability to customize your fleet extends from aesthetics to desired performance capabilities.

There is a plethora of benefits to consider for your corporation from our fleet solutions that will make single occupancy car trips a phenomena of the past.

Benefits include:

  • Decreased commute times within the office campus, this is especially prevalent when employees travel short (but significant) distances during breaks. Very helpful for traveling within large factories/facilities.
  • Better road access for transportation and greater parking availability. Electric scooters/bicycles can travel through tight spaces that would limit any car and they make better use of limited parking space.
  • Show responsibility to the world and your employees by reducing your companies carbon footprint while promoting more active/healthy habits.
  • Save on gas/car/shuttle transportation costs; it only takes $2 - $3 a month per scooter/bicycle to charge its battery. This can lead to thousands in savings your corporation can use to further its business goals.


We enhanced the Ritz Carlton hotel chains in the south-eastern United States through sleek and pragmatic fleets that helped out their employees, while adding a great new amenity for their guests/customers.