The university/college campus is full of grandeur for students and faculty alike. Its enormity can be overwhelming for the many who walk through its majestic streets. Yet one problem continually arises on these awe inspiring campuses... that is getting students and faculty around.

Universities/colleges often have so much to show the world from interesting structures to wondrous gardens with the expense of limiting roadway space. Transportation with cars often leads to much traffic and congestion, competitive/limited parking, and a bigger carbon footprint. This can be off putting for many students and faculty.

The solution is simple and intuitive, an attractive fleet of customized electric scooters/bicycles that will not only help the environment, but ease all the aforementioned car related traffic/parking problems. Open up your campus to ways you never though possible.

There are more amazing benefits our fleet program could bring to your institution that include:

  • Improved image to potential future students and faculty. By making the next step to becoming a truly Green/Eco-friendly institution.
  • Better transportation benefits as compared to other universities/colleges. Anyone can ride our electric scooters/bicycles since they do not require any sort of license, insurance, or tags.
  • Increase revenue through relatively inexpensive rental services of fleet scooters/bicycles. Students and faculty can save on gas and car usage (that eventually lead to costly car repairs) and spend much less for your greener alternative.
  • Aid law enforcement/security on your campus by helping them get around swiftly and efficiently with a fleet of their own. 


We provided FAU (Florida Atlantic University) with a personalized fleet for their on-campus security personnel.